With the US on-demand economy attracting more than 55 million freelancers and a $1 Trillion total market. Womme founder and CEO, Christopher Scali, needed a vibrant and impactful brand image to attract potential partners and investors for his ‘trusted word of mouth’ referral App.
From a chance conversation and it’s initial inception, my involvement in bringing the Womme vision to life has been wide-ranging. From the full development of the brand identity through to pitch documents and full creative involvement in the design of the App design interface. 

Branding included a pre-launch marketing campaign focused on creating subliminal and viral creative strategies to initiate the onboarding of beta tester service providers. While still in its infancy the brand has already gained joint venture partners as well as PR presence through sports celebrity endorsements.



 Brand Identity • Art Direction • Mobile UX / UI • Infographics
Website • Digital Marketing • Animations  • Photography