a life she


The Why.
The world has become increasingly busy and it’s my mission to help fitness, fashion, and tech-based brands cut through the noise to make an impact with meaningful purpose, intent, and originality.

Why I’m here.
Born creative. When I’m not coming up with new designs i’m on the next plane checking out new cities, seeking out the latest fashion trends or on a yoga mat. I’m designing the life I love by combining all that makes me happy with clients who share these same vision and values.

What I do.
Branding, identity, print and digital material, editorial, presentations, web design, social media kits, video, art direction, styling. I work with you side-by-side to find exciting and creative ways to tackle your design challenges.

How I do it.
My process is driven by your challenge. From research to development through to design, I develop brand strategies and experiences that help you make a powerful statement in today’s fast-changing world.